Sunday, March 8, 2015



You win some and you learn some. Yesterday we learned some. Both teams HRD All-Stars and STRD All-Stars were amazing and working their asses off but Stockholm won this time. The way I see it is that either of the teams could have won. Stockholm wanted to win and they really did everything for it to happen. They overcame us mentally and that's why they won the game. Both teams had the potential to win. After the game I was sad and pissed of, of course. We lost. I was also pissed of because I have been sick all spring and didn't get to play as much as I had wanted in this game.

This was still our first game of the spring and only one game not the whole world. All there is to do now is get over it and move on. A man in Brooklyn New York told it perfectly to his son when the boy fell: "Yo kid, what happens when you fall down? You're on the ground, that's all. You get up and you move on." Inspired by that sentence I'm going to train even harder physically and to add mental training to my practices. I'm focusing on the ridiculously fantastic games that we are heading this year. Getting better, faster and stronger.

Photos By Marko Niemelä

Wednesday, March 4, 2015



Super Maria is my old roller derby name and now my blog's name too. From now on I start playing roller derby with my own name Maria Kosonen. As well as my old derby name my old beloved player number 1UP is gone. Because the rules of roller derby changed I had to leave that number and started to play with the number 55. At first it felt awfull to leave a part of me. The characteristics I was known by. Well it's only a number so it doesn't matter that much. I still do what I love on the track and with my teammates. When I realised that I no more had to worry about it.
On saturday we (Helsinki Roller Derby) are going to play against Stockholm Roller Derby. It's going to be a tough and fun game. Today we were talking about the game and roller derby in general on the radio with my teammate. It was a lot of fun! Here's a link to the event page of the weekend's game on Facebook: